A little about me? I'm 22, male, live in Florida, love music, movies, and video games, spends a little to much time online and I don't believe in ugly.

I love anime, video games and coming up with ways to express my thoughts. Just trying to create good days :)
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The fact that all these real social justice blogs like realjusticewesteros, pokemon-for-social-justice and disneyvillainsforjustice keep reblogging and making posts equating feminists to genocidal scum shows how little these people know about justice and that they are not to be taken seriously at all.

Yes, some of the people on my side are equally immature. But how does the “SJW” side know any better about social issues? How is posting about how all men should be exterminated doing anything for social justice? 

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what really pisses me off is that those “real justice” assholes act like tumblr is the only reason people are interested in “social justice.” when like. i’m an anthropology major. who’s also a queer autistic woman. of course i’m going to talk about this shit. “tumblr” didn’t invent us we’ve always been here you’re just mad cause you can’t ignore us anymore because the internet has given us the power to mildly inconvenience you.

You’re right. People have been interested in social justice LONG before tumblr or even the internet! Wasn’t the Civil Rights movement social justice? The women’s suffrage movement? People who pushed for worker’s rights? All social justice and all of it was pre-internet! 

What we “‘real justice’ assholes” are talking about it is how young, emotionally immature teenagers will pick up on any issue and act like they’re an expert on it.